Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest
Is an ongoing project which started in January 2013. Fashion Fest is a gesamtkunstwerk by Mimi Berlin, in the form of self-portraits. In each portrait we will be venturing different aspects of a world we love. We label that complex world simply as: Fashion. We are interested in historical matters and try to investigate the way of (creative) life in centuries gone by. We do this by creating group portraits. These portraits show our visions and interpretations of  life in the 21st century.
Our intention is to make 2 or 3 portraits per year. The portrayed are Mimi Berlin and friends, family and creative colleagues of Mimi Berlin: who mostly work ‘behind the scenes’. For more detailed background information please visit  Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fests on Thinglink

About Mimi Berlin:
Mimi Berlin is a group of interdisciplinary creative people, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who try to inspire each other through fashion, interior, graphic design and art related projects. Of course we hope to inspire you, to all the best of life, as well. www.mimiberlin.com