photo-montage, digital image by Mimi Berlin.

Mimi Berlin’s Interior-Fest is a group self-portrait. Made on the road, 22 December 2016, at Sanoma Headquarters, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. This is a ‘goodbye group-portrait’ for everybody involved behind the scenes in the making of EH&I Magazine up till February 2016. All the portrayed are friends and colleagues of Mimi Berlin.

Many thanks to; Anita Bijlsma, Mary Hessing, Toon Lauwen, Jack Meijers, Rob Jansen, Anne-Sophie Markus, Annemarijn Hoorens, Louise Tolenaar, Annemarie Burgmans, Beldan Sezen, Roos Stalpers, Sven van Pel, Swan Kwee, Bartjan Bouman, Gaby Walther, Hugo Kosters, Jan Willem Kaldenbach, Antoinette Middelkoop, Elke Huizinga, Erik Paul Jager.