Fashion Fest #1

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #1
From left to right: Mimi Berlin.
VUFU&FE/ (von uns für uns & für euch)
Die gesamte Mimi Berlin. Fashion Fest/January 2013. Paraphrasing Halston and models, 1972, by Duane Michals.

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #1 is a photo-montage by Mimi Berlin. All the portrayed Mimi Berlin are Style Engineers in art, food, dance and/or fashion.

Click QR Code Above for details concerning what Mimi Berlin is wearing at this fashion-fest.

We really would like to thank the following people very much for their generousity, kindness, time and knowledge: Frisuren Taco Stuiver for 1027 @ House of Orange, Martino Bidotti, Gümmischtuck, JW Kaldenbach, Riëtte Wanders, Amber Jansen, Petra Kamphuis, Machteld Schouten, Annelies van Hardeveld, Louise Pot, Wendelien Daan, Gala Daan and Baukje Bies.