Fashion Fest #9

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #9; ‘Another day at the office’.

From left to right: Mimi Berlin, Family and Friends. VUFU&FE (von uns für uns & für euch.) The portrayed are all creative minds from The Netherlands. In daily life they try to make the world a prettier place by creating and sharing everything in the fields of art, theater, fashion-, graphic design, gaming, music and by just being kind in general.

This tableau vivant is inspired by an eight hour day at the office. Made, in front of the reception, by Peter de Kok, Astro, Annelies van Hardeveld, Tjebbe Beekman, Jan Willen Kaldenbach, Amber Jansen, Illya Beekman, Machteld Schouten, Mario Hooglander, Bastiaan Thijssen, Anneke Mulder, Sid Stuiver, Geraldine MacDonald, Elle Verhagen, Beest, Taco Stuiver, Marie-Claire Toebosch, Baukje Bies, Petra Kamphuis, Wendelien Daan, Riëtte Wanders, Bernhard Jongstra, Berber de Jong, Frankie Dennis and Gala Daan. Stagaire:Jolene Adelaar.

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #9; Another Day at the office, 15-12-2019 is a self-portrait/photo-montage made by ©MIMI BERLIN MMXIX

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