photo-montage, digital image by Mimi Berlin.

Mimi Berlin’s Interior-Fest is a group self-portrait. Made on the road, 22 December 2016, at Sanoma Headquarters, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. This is a ‘goodbye group-portrait’ for everybody involved behind the scenes in the making of EH&I Magazine up till February 2016. All the portrayed are friends and colleagues of Mimi Berlin.

Many thanks to; Anita Bijlsma, Mary Hessing, Toon Lauwen, Jack Meijers, Rob Jansen, Anne-Sophie Markus, Annemarijn Hoorens, Louise Tolenaar, Annemarie Burgmans, Beldan Sezen, Roos Stalpers, Sven van Pel, Swan Kwee, Bartjan Bouman, Gaby Walther, Hugo Kosters, Jan Willem Kaldenbach, Antoinette Middelkoop, Elke Huizinga, Erik Paul Jager.

Mimi Beijing

Mimi Beijing (Fashion-Fest on the road) by Mimi Berlin, a Fashion-Fest made in Beijing China, 9/29/2013. This group portrait was made during Mimi Berlin’s first trip ever to Beijing for SALON/BJ. Inspired by this new temporary surrounding; the Dashilar Area (historic center of Beijing), Mimi Beijing came to live at The Far East Hotel Lobby.

All the portrayed are friends and colleagues of Mimi Berlin, they are also students from CAFA, from left to right: (standing) Richie, Greg, Rebecca, Tom, (sitting): Viola, June, Ray, Rex, Paris.

Dear boys and girls; Danke Schön for inspiring us! Extra thanks to SALON/BJ participants: Conny Groenewegen for the Fashion Vibes and the black&white knitted tops. Sander Wassink for Viola’s shoes. youasme-measyou for the grey scarf. Klaas Kuiken and Dieter Volkers for the dipped lantern. Martin Butler for the wearable statement. Jan Rothuizen for the Heart-I-N-Y t-shirt. (Chris Kabel, Manon Schaap and Gijs Stork, thanks for lending your clothes to us) Thanks to Martijn den Boer for coming up with the title Mimi Beijing. Last thank you to SALON/BJ from the bottom of our hearts for making Mimi Beijing possible.

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